ENGLISH TEXT: Advertising

It is said that advertising is the soul of business. One has to tell the World all about one's goods. If one does not do that, one cannot hope to prosper.
Now, how is it possible to advertise one's goods? First of all in the newspapers, then by means of bills or posters which are stuck in places where they are most likely to be seen.
Another way of advertising is by means of handbills and, of course, the most up-to-date way is by means of wireless. Unfortunately, only a few stations broadcast advertisements.

Advertising is very expensive and who is to pay for it? Why, the public of course instead of lowering the prices of goods, extensive advertising increases them. Sir Malcolm Robertson,
His Majesty's Minister to the Argentine Republic advices British trades people not to wait for foreign customers but to go out to them with the goods and to talk to them in the language of
their country. The English have for years thought that it was not necessary for them to learn foreign languages, they are gradually changing their opinion.

1. Match the words in column (I) with their meanings in column (II) to make a good association

(I) (II)
1. Broadcast a. a person from another country.
2. Foreigner b. a television or a radio programme.
3. Opinion c. Success or Wealth.
4. Prosperity d. what a person thinks or believes.
5. Trade people e. the amount or the number added.
  f. person involved in buying or selling goods.

2. Facilities of transportation system allow traders to:

3. Foreign traders did not learn foreign languages thinking it

4. Advertising through a small printed notice is the use of:

5. Fill in the blank of this sentence with the correct pronoun:''Go and see... and his factory.''

6. Indicate the sentence which is the past perfect active voice

BELLO and Brothers
54 Av. Des Aviateurs
P.O. Box 15314
Saturday, April 15th, 2017

The Sales Manager
P.O. Box 9535

Dear Sir,

We have just received the shipment of coffee ordered by us on Mar 25. This delivery is not the coffee we agreed to buy and does not correspond to the sample submitted to us. We are returning you the entire lot today. Please send the correct replacement immediately.

Yours truly,

7. J.C KITAMBA's address is not at the end. This place is for

8. The word ORDER in the text corresponds to:


9. Someone is looking for a job. He writes:

10. Indiquez la proposition qui consiste à faciliter la lecture dans la conception rédactionnelle d un rapport.

11. Indiquez la proposition qui précise une lettre de congédiement.

12. Indiquez la phrase qui est d'usage du point de vue de la disposition des lettres commerciales.

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